SFU Sears Grilling: Week 2, Path to Purchase Insights “#grillingishappiness #SoFabU

Coffee: Check!

Peace and quiet: Check!

Now that I found a place to hide, I can share what we learned in my photography class with you. Did I mention that I am on vacation? No?
It sounded a lot louder on my end, just fyi!
For those of you that don’t know, I am one of the lucky few people to get into a photography class that is sponsored by Sears Grilling and offered by Social Fabric/Collective Bias Network. It’s a wonderful company that I work for and I feel very lucky to be one of 20 people who are in this class.
This week we are covering something called “Path to Purchase”. You may have noticed that I refer people to my Google+ albums in the campaign posts. The google+ albums show my path to purchase. 
Path to purchase is a documentation of my shopping experience from making the shopping list to check-out. These albums offer brands insights into the shopper’s experience at the store so that the brands can improve the overall shopping experience for consumers. This week we were learning how to improve our path to purchase photo documentation. 
I told my hubby that we get to go to Sears and take some photos of their grilling department. He asked if it’s going to be “another spy mission”. You see, usually, I take my path to purchase photos in secret. I am afraid that if management sees me taking photos they may ask me to leave. I would rather not take that risk, so I sneak pictures. This time, I was not afraid because Sears is sponsoring our class, therefore,  we were allowed to take all the photos we want. 
Let me show you what we did…
We went to our closest Sears, which is located in a mall across the street.  I took a few photos outside the store. It is very important that the consumer sees the outside to be as neat and clean as possible, so it looks appealing.

When we went inside, we walked directly over to the grilling and outdoor department. Since we were on a mission to find a grill, that was our department  of interest. Unfortunately, for most people, the grilling season is over since summer holidays already passed. The stores are not displaying their grills as a main point of interest and all the grills were packed in a very small area with a very unflattering light.
It is important for a good path to purchase photo, that the background as less cluttered as possible and the lighting is good and soft. Soft lighting is more flattering to a photo as it will not create harsh shadows. There should also be enough lighting so that your camera flash won’t have to be the main source of light. 
As I mentioned, the store I went to had their grilling area minimized because the grilling season is over. So I had to try and work with a lot of clutter and not enough lighting. That is where your zoom come in pretty handy. I got close to the product and was able to keep the focus on the product in mind.

Signage is another important part of the path to purchase. Important sales, prices and specials are often listed on the sighs around the product.

OK, now on to the most exciting news of all!! 
Next week, I get to go to Sears and purchase a grill!!! I already mentioned that this class is sponsored by Sears Grilling, so next week, Sears is sending us a gift card so that we can purchase a grill of our choice! See, told you this is the most exciting news!!
This is the grill that my hubby and I picked out. He wanted a gas grill and I wanted a charcoal/wood grill. It’s MEANT TO BE!
Charcoal/Gas Combo Grill
This is a slideshow of all the photos taken on my Sears shopping trip. Look them over and I hope you enjoyed learning about Path to Purchase.


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Sears Grilling #CBias #GrillingIsHappiness. All photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. I always joke that I’m a spy when I do my shops…including humming the Mission Impossible theme in my head. :)

  2. Chrissy Taylor says:

    Oh, that is the grill my son wants! 

  3. Chrissy Taylor says:

    Oh, that is the grill my son wants too!

  4. I looked at that grill too!

  5. I love how your Sears has tractors in front of it – super cute.

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